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Auteur : louisjtofari
Sujet : Brain Death and Organ Harvesting & more from SSPX.org!
Date : 2011-03-17 20:46:37

MARCH 17, 2011

Brain Death and Organ Harvesting (http://sspx.org/miscellaneous/medical/brain_death_and_organ_harvesting.htm)
In light of the commentaries concerning Pope Benedict XVI's withdrawal of his consent to act as an organ donor, we think it appropriate to present this brief expose by Fr. Peter Scott on this important moral question which is often confusing for Catholics... 3-15-2011

Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost performed at St. Paul, MN (http://sspx.org/chapel_news/st_paul_mn_academy_play_3-16-2011/st_paul_mn_academy_play_3-16-2011.htm)
For 4 days, February 24-27, the high school girls of Immaculate Heart Academy presented a rendition of Shakespeare's play, Love's Labour's Lost... 3-16-2011

KCMO's Altar & Rosary Society First Saturday of March Events (http://sspx.org/chapel_news/kansas_city_mo_first_saturday_altar_rosary_society_3-15-2011/kansas_city_mo_altar_rosary_society_3-15-2011.htm)
The First Saturday of March was observed in a special way in honor of Our Lady by the chapter at St. Vincent de Paul Church with a Mother-Daughter Breakfast and presentation on altar linens... 3-15-2011

An Illustrated Commentary on the Litany of St. Joseph (http://sspx.org/Seasonal/st_joseph_march_an_illustrated_commentary.htm)
The month of March is dedicated to the Foster Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Here we present a series of 25 illustrations and commentaries on the Litany titles of St. Joseph. A new set of commentaries and illustrations to be added each week in March. 3-14-2011

Pastor's Corner: Should Exorcisms and Exorcists be sent to Hell? (http://sspx.org/pastors_corner/pastors_corner_march_2011.htm#exorcism)
A brief review on a new movie about exorcism with some comments from Rome's chief exorcist, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, on the problems with the new rite of exorcism and the dangers of the Harry Potter series... 3-11-2011


The Way of the Cross (http://www.angeluspress.org/oscatalog/item/8496/the-way-of-the-cross)
New from Angelus Press and just in time for Lent!
A beautiful collection of the most inspiring versions of the Stations of the Cross. This new edition features 13 classic methods, combined with stunning color photos to aid the faithful's prayers. Perfect for praying at church or at home with the family, these thirteen methods will ensure that your meditations never become too dry or repetitive... Available at single and family-pack prices!

Pastor's Corner: The Facebook Effect (http://sspx.org/pastors_corner/pastors_corner_march_2011.htm#facebook_effect)
This book launches a warning signal to all parents. The latest danger lies in a new communication device: social media (Myspace, Facebook, etc)... 3-4-2011


Cardinal Rode denounces the secular spirit in religious congregations

Quebec: a mayor defends the prayer at the municipal council

Germany: a new community friend of the Society of St. Pius X

Difficult interreligious dialogue between the Vatican and University of the Cairo

Radio Vatican celebrate 80 years

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